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On January 23, 2012 we had the pleasure of attending another great workshop at the new BIZsource center located in Hanes Mall in Winston Salem, NC.  If you have not attended a workshop yet at the new BIZsource center we encourage you go to their website and register for the next workshop.

The BIZsource Center Website – www.thebizsource.net

We are constantly looking for new ways to help our clients grow and support not only themselves but their employees as well.  The “Totally Responsible Person” concept is just the way to help you increase productivity within your own company.

The TRP® – “Totally Responsible Person” workshop was given by Thomas White, and Daniel Lobb of TRP® Enterprises.  Founded in 1996 TRP® Enterprises, located in Greensboro NC, has successfully taught the TRP® concept to a long list of Fortune 500 companies.  The  TRP® seminar hit on a few topics that we should all strive to be better at.  We encourage you to go to their website and learn more about this incredible company.

 The Victim Mentality 

If things are going wrong, or badly, or not to my liking, then someone is to blame.  Its necessary to identify the person(s), circumstances(s), or source(s), of why things are not as I think they should be.  Blame must be determined and accepted by the wrongdoer, and things must be made right.  I am justified in being emotionally upset.  Neither growth nor learning results from the bad tings that happen to me

The Total Responsible Person (TRP®)

I completely and wholly accept that everything that has ever happened to me, that is presently happening to me, and that will happen to me in the future provides me with opportunities for learning and growth, and that no one else can be rightly blamed for any negativity, hurts, or abuses which my emotional nature experiences.  I shall seek no exceptions to this belief, even when the apparent cause is not of my making

 3 Characteristics of a Totally Responsible Person

1) Everything that happens to me provides with opportunities for learning and growth

2) No one else can be blamed for negatively affecting my emotional nature experiences

3) I shall seek no exceptions to this belief, even when I’m not at fault.

What TRP® Enterprises says about their training…

Their is an upcoming seminar that we encourage you and your employees attend that will help you become a better person and will help you increase production with your employees.  The below description of the TRP® training is directly from their workshop website and the link so you can register is below

What is unique about TRP® training? The TRP® principles represent an advance on currently available literature in two significant ways:

  1. More than anyone else, we have defined, demystified, dissected, exposed, and discredited the victim mentality. Our discovery is that it is the single most significant barrier to personal and organizational effectiveness. We have “nailed it” in such a way that people are willing and able to instantly recognize it in themselves, recalling an incident from yesterday or that morning. No other training provides this depth of insight into the victim mentality, thus fostering its release.

  2. The technique/tool of Reversing the Flow involves consciously choosing, in the midst of emotional turmoil, to serve something outside oneself, rather than oneself. It reverses the flow of one’s life from focusing on oneself to focusing on others or the greater good. Thus, the energetic flow of thought, attention and expression is reversed from inward to outward. The result is emotional control, stability and more purposeful living.


Register for their upcoming seminar on March 12, 2012 in Winston Salem, NC.

“Becoming the Totally Responsible Person” on March 12, 2012, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


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